Friday, July 13, 2012

Argan Moroccan Oil facts

I have heard so many hypes about the moroccan oil and how great it is being moroccan myself I know for a fact that the moroccan oils sold here have almost no real argan oil in them, also moroccan people use argan oil in their food and sometimes as a beauty enhancement.
Now let's speak about what Argan is really used for:
1- wrinkle mask: yes argan oil mixed with papaya is the best wrinkle reduction remedy it works almost instantly and the more you use it the better results you get
2- pure Argan oil mixed with coffee garlic water egg yolk and olive oil makes your hair grow longer stronger faster and gives it a healthy look and a lasting shine,
3- Argan oil tastes so good, it's the most expensive oil in morocco and people love adding it to local dishes or just dipping bread in it, but the best recipe for Argan oil is what it commonly known in morocco as the Amlo which is almond butter mixed with argan oil
But there is also a lot of other products that people make from the argan seeds such as soap and exfoliating creams over all Argan is a great source of nutrition no matter what it is used for, hair skin and body but the common mistake is people think that the more expensive the product containing the oil the better it is which is wrong. You can get pure Argan oil for the fraction of the price and use it in many different ways.
If you need any more info about how to get the argan oil or the products made of the argan seeds leave me a comment and I will be glad to tell you about some local stores in your area that might carry it.

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