Friday, July 13, 2012

Some old Moroccan beauty secrets

Today I wanna talk about an old Moroccan beauty secret, Henna you all know it but rare are the ones who know the best way to using it.
Henna as commonly known is used for the tatoo as you can see in the picture above looks great and you dont have to live with it for the rest of your life or spends thousands to get it removed. An other common way is for hair but few know that henna is a great body wrap yes it gives your skin a great glow and also diminishes the pinples and blackheads and all impurities from your body.
Steps to doing so:
1- Exfoliate your body I would recomend the Moroccan exfoliation techniques, if you dont know how to do so I will be happy to tell you the exact method.
2- get the white henna which you can find at any middle eastern store just ask for the light colored henna that doesnt dye your skin, any pure henna will not dye your skin fast so you get a light bronze glow without the bright orange stain
3- mix the henna with lemon juice only use fresh lemon juice to mix the henna then add some water to make it thin
4- apply to your entire body and wait about 10 minutes this will give you a thingling sensation but dont worry it's just the henna and the lemon doing their trick
5- rince your body with luke warm water and enjoy the soft clear skin all over.

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