Friday, July 13, 2012

Hair growth fast and easy organic home remedy

When we look at all the products out there for hair growth we get overwhelmed with all the choices and the promises but rare are the products who actually deliver.
I have been trying to grow my hair and tried everything out there from cheap over the counter products to expensive ones with no true results, until my mother convinced me to use her mixture, I just did not wanna try any stinky homemade goo but had no choice I tried everything and had no results so why not give mom's brand a try.
After only 1 month of using it I could see my roots growing like weed I was amazed and decided I have to share this.
Ok the recipe is simple but the results may vary.
garlic water: grind garlic and put it in a cheese cloth and squeeze the water out of it then mix it with as much nescafe as possible so the garlic water will disolve the instant coffee. add some olive oil caster oil almond oil hemp seed oil and some vitamin E oil, a drop of honey and put the mixture in a small bottle and let it marinate for at least 48 hours.
How to use: there is 2 ways you can use this I was using it both ways since I only shampooed my hair once or twice a week I would put it on my scalp for as long as possible before I shampoo and that meant at least 4 hours sometimes I will leave it overnight.
The second way is to make the hair mask which I did in the middle of the week. take a tea spoon of the oil mixture add some olive oil to it and blend it with an egg yolk to make a hair mayo then add an avocado or a banana to the mixute, that was my favorite hair mask that I have been using for almost 6 months now since my last visit to morocco.
There is one advice I would like to add. when you are using a treatment for your hair try to stick to it and dont change it every single week or every single month. Do the same thing for at least 4 to 6 months until you can see real results then if you want you can change your recipe, although I have been adding coconut oil to my hair mask every once in a while. Good luck and please leave me a comment if you need any more recipes or if you have any questions about these recipes.

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